Board Meeting Minutes For 
Tuesday September 24, 2002
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The meeting was held at the Kennesaw Library and was called to order at 7:05 PM. Damon Koch and Cindy Daily were present, Bill Woodbury was absent. 1 additional homeowner was present, which was the Secretary. 

1. Front entrance health report.

The front entrance appears to be in good shape.
2. Status of second front entrance sign.
The second sign is scheduled to be delivered in late October or November.
3. Vote on keeping our current  lawn maintenance agreement or to adopt one of the new bids.
We received one additional bid for lawn maintenance. It was slightly more expensive than our current agreement. The Board voted to continue with Summerscapes.
4. Distribute a preliminary version of the 2003 Budget to be modified and approved at the next Board Meeting.
The preliminary version of the 2003 Budget was distributed.
5. Q & A from residents. Time may be limited.
There were no questions.
6. Adjourn into Executive Session to discuss any unpaid dues and infractions of the Covenants.
The Regular Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM and proceeded to Executive Session.