Ascot Glen HOA 
Board Meeting Minutes For 
Tuesday November 27, 2001
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The meeting was held at the Kennesaw Library and was called to order at 7:10 PM. Damon Koch, Cindy Daily, and Barry Henley were present. No additional homeowners were present.

1. Front entrance health report.

Seasonal color was planted by SummerScapes at a cost of $90.00 and the two light fixtures were replaced by a Board member at a cost of $19.00. The water sprinklers were purged and turned off in late October before the first freeze. The Board is content with the Agreement that we have with SummerScapes.
2. Approve the 2002 Budget
The Board approved a requested increase in the monthly management fee paid to Heritage from $215 to $250 per month. The 2002 Budget was approved by the Board and it has been posted to the web site. 
3. Make initial preparations for the 2002 Annual Meeting
The tentative date for the 2002 Annual meeting is Tuesday February 26, 2002 at Summit Baptist Church. It was suggested that candidates be given 5 minutes to solicit votes from the attending members at the meeting. It was also suggested that the street address, in addition to the name, of each candidate be placed on the Proxy and Ballot.
4. Discuss the redistricting of Ascot Glen to Kell High School
A short recap was given by Cindy and Barry on what they learned at the Oct. 30 rezoning meeting that was held at North Cobb High School. As of Oct. 30, Ascot Glen is scheduled to be in the North Cobb High School zone, along with the other subdivisions that are in an area that is north of Wade Green Road and east of I-75. This rezoning affects roughly 286 students in our area. The Board supports the redistricting of our community to Kell High School. It was also noted that Kell would not be a magnet school as previously thought prior to the rezoning meeting.
5. Q & A from residents. Time may be limited.
There were no questions.
6. Adjourn into Executive Session to discuss any unpaid dues and infractions of the Covenants.
The Regular Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM and proceeded to Executive Session.