Ascot Glen HOA 
Board Meeting Minutes For 
Wednesday September 19, 2001
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The meeting was held at the Kennesaw Library and was called to order at 7:10 PM. Damon Koch, Cindy Daily, and Barry Henley were present. 4 additional homeowners were present, which included 2 members from the ARC.

1. Front entrance health report.

The front entrance appears to be in good shape.  New pine straw was spread by SummerScapes at a cost of $143.00.
2. Review the Welcome package that is mailed from Heritage to new residents.
The Heritage Welcome package was reviewed by the Board. It includes a welcome letter, copy of the covenants, copy of the bylaws, budget, and board member list.
3. Distribute a preliminary version of the 2002 Budget that is to be modified and approved at the November Board Meeting.
The Treasurer distributed a copy of the 2002 proposed budget.
4. Q & A from residents. Time may be limited.
The procedures for reporting an infraction of the Covenants and the Board's steps in enforcing the Covenants were reviewed.
5. Adjourn into Executive Session to discuss any unpaid dues and infractions of the Covenants.
The Regular Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM and proceeded to Executive Session.