Ascot Glen HOA 
Board Meeting Minutes For 
Tuesday July 24, 2001
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The meeting was held at the Kennesaw Library and was called to order at 7:05 PM. Damon Koch, Cindy Daily, and Barry Henley were present. 4 additional homeowners were present, which included 2 members from the ARC. 

1. Front entrance health report.

The front entrance appears to be in good shape. Plats of Unit I and II were distributed and reviewed. It was noted that the front entrance and community sidewalks are located on property that is part of the Cobb County right of way. The storm drain that had the deteriorating sediment filter on Ascot Terrace was cleaned earlier last month by a Board member.
2. Web site update.
The domain name of was registered and the HOA web site was successfully moved to in May. The artistic and creative abilities of the current web master have been exhausted. If you would like to contribute to the overall appearance of the web site, please contact a member of the Board. 
3. Is the Ascot Glen Forum an asset or liability to the community? If it is determined to be a liability, should it be discontinued?
The Board voted to end the Forum and replace it with a Community Bulletin Board.
4. Review the current "Welcome Letter" for new residents.
The Welcome Letter was reviewed. No revisions were made.
5. Distribute a hard copy version of the "Georgia Property Owners' Association Act"
Copies were distributed to each Board Member.
6. Q & A from residents. Time may be limited.
The creation of a Welcoming Committee was suggested. It was also suggested that we provide a more "personal" method of delivering notices of Covenant violations to homeowners, instead of having Heritage mail violation letters.  
7. Adjourn into Executive Session to discuss any unpaid dues and infractions of the Covenants.
The Regular Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 PM and proceeded to Executive Session.