Ascot Glen HOA
Board Meeting - March 6, 2001

Damon Koch opened the meeting at 7:00 pm at his home. All Directors were present.

The Board elected officers

Damon Koch - President
Cindy Daily - Vice President
Barry Henley - Secretary / Treasurer

The Board prepared the following list of items for Heritage

Notify them of the new Officers
Get the current member list and cross reference it with our database
Notify Heritage that we have done our SOS Annual Registration
Who should a homeowner request when calling Heritage?
Are violation and ARC denial letters still scheduled to be reviewed by the Board before being forwarded to the Homeowner?

New Property Owners Lists were distributed..

The Board reviewed and approved the 2000 Tax returns.

The Board approved adding the addresses of the Officers to the web FAQ page.

The Board voted to keep the ARC at the current three members.

The Board voted to have Summer Scapes automatically plant seasonal color and spread pine straw as outlined in their contract.

All Cycle is to be contacted and provided with the Association's mailing address.

A Spring Garage Sale was discussed.

The Board will try to meet the second week of May.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm