Annual Meeting - February 27, 2001

The Meeting was held on February 27, 2001 at Summit Baptist Church. 26 lots were represented at the meeting, 10 of which were by Proxy. 

Vice President Damon Koch opened the meeting at 7:00 PM. and conducted the agenda.

Doug Spickler presented a letter of resignation on behalf of  his wife Traci. Damon told the Members that Barry Henley had agreed to fill the remainder of Traci's 2 year term. 

Barry Henley reviewed the financial statement from 2000.  At the end of fiscal 2000 the Homeowners Association has a surplus of $5,280.73 and the Association was debt free. Barry then reviewed the 2001 Budget and asked for any questions concerning the Associations finances. There was one question about the insurance policy payments for 2000, as the total on the Income and Expense Statement included a deferred partial payment from 1999. 

Damon then opened the Meeting for general discussion. Questions were asked about the following: the duties of Heritage Management, seasonal flags, the content of the Association's web site, and the future status of the newsletter. 2 homeowners offered to serve on the ARC. 

We then moved onto the election of Board of Directors where one seat was open. Cindy Daily was running for re-election. Damon called for additional candidates from the floor. There we no takers. Ballots were cast and Cindy was elected to a 2 year term.

The Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM